the risen sun too
bright in her losing eyes
Independent roleplay blog for Hazel Grace Lancaster, of The Fault in Our Stars. Set anywhere from before she met Augustus to after his death. Multieverything, very literate, not entirely selective, muse is technically underage (by a year) but the mun is of age.

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{ ❦ }———-;;

                “I guess I’m just trying
                     to be too positive.”

"The y i n g to my
  y a n g.”

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{ ❦ }———-;;

                “I already cried and
                      threw up… twice.”

         Her fingers drum against the bottom of
         her whiskey bottle, shrugging. She’s
         pretty sure that everyone is just too
         shocked to go into hysterics just yet. 

"Handling it fairly better than
 everyone else.”

            Better than her, anyways. Hazel hadn’t been able
            to sleep. She’d broken down more than once but
            the only person to have seen her do that was Dean.

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"Y-you’re amazing." It slipped out without her really meaning too, but she was glad she’d said it. Hazel really did deserve to hear it. Even though she was dealing with her own stuff- some very substantial, cancerous stuff- she never handled Kate’s problems with anything less than the upmost concern.

"I-if you think you can, I-I don’t see why you c-couldn’t help." She told the other girl, lifting up the hand Hazel wasn’t running through her hair- which she had always thought were beautiful and interesting- to her mouth and placing a kiss on the back of it.

Of course, no one conversation was going to convince the girl that she deserved any better. “I-if you’re sure…” She said hesitantly, wanting to make sure, one last time, that she wouldn’t become a burden on the other girl. “I-I hope you know I r-really appreciate it. Thank y-you for being there…”

"H — happy to do it."

Amazing? She didn’t think so. But then again, she didn’t think a lot of things about herself. Kate’s lips on her hand made a smile spread across her face and she unconsciously moved herself to be closer to her.

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          ❛ good is putting it lightly. it sounds like a grand idea,
                                          hazel grace. ❜

        granted, the only reason augustus thought of it as ’ GRAND
        was.because it would mean spending ti with her. honestly,
        he would watch paint dry, if only accompanied by her, since
        hazel’s presence ALONE was enough to brighten his day ——
        making him truly feel as though he were on a roller coaster that
        only goes up.

"Y’know, you’re doing that thing

              The one where he made every second spent with her
              not a complete waste of time. It was going to be one,
              when she died. She wished he could see that and
              protect himself from getting hurt.


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        he hadn’t wanted to ask her about it, but the
        tubes are a little  too  obvious.  it  has  to  be
        terminal,  judging  from the way she’s talking,
        and he has no idea what the etiquette  is  for
        discussing a situation like this.

        ❝ y’know, if you…ever need anything,
              you come to me, okay? we  need  to
              find  some  way  to keep sane in this
              place.  i don’t know about  you,  but
              talking with people always helps me.

"I just — thought the cancer would
 kill me and instead I might get
 murdered. I always pictured it

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{ ❦ }———-;;

                “I—-oh. I’m sorry,
                   I didn’t mean….” 

"I know; it’s okay. I’m pretty
 cynical about all of this.”

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                                Some were meant to fall in love

                                                                                  but not end up together.

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"Where do you wanna stop off first, Hazel?"

He knows that there’s a heavy weight now on her shoulders, as she is the only living relative now of this family, of the Lancasters, which means that she has to arrange the funerals of her parents, as well as her own. Tony would see to her funeral being exactly how she wanted it, because who else was there? Besides her friends, but they weren’t legal guardians. A sigh broke through his lips, and he ran a hand through his hair.

"Home. Um, my — my home. I should get some things before we go back to your home." 

Tony didn’t seem to know what to do. Neither did she. But she knew it’d be a lot easier to figure out together than alone. She wondered if he was regretting his decision now. He could adopt her, but that came with a lot of burden; looking after a child who not only lost her family, but was going to die. Why put a lot of emotional investment into such a waste? It didn’t make sense to her but, selfishly, she didn’t point it out. She wanted somewhere to go. She didn’t want to be put in a hospital for what remained of her life.

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